Viktor Kotolupov

New in system biology, system medicine and system pharmacy



In the article, the authors use the prism of living systems functions organization patterns to analyze originating sources of a new jurisprudence methodological direction that might be termed as “homeostatic legal studies”, and in the context of its development it becomes possible to provide a new paradigm of interpretation of jurisprudential reality as an integral living system as far as its homeostasis support is concerned. The integration complex and function model of universal laws of the functions organization in living systems in reference to their normal homeostasis might be applied to all and every living system, including social ones, and the authors express axiomatic statement that normal homeostasis is impossible beyond these patterns. The most progressive and most successful states are those with better organization in terms of the mentioned patterns observation. The article also considers typical problems at the state level occurring due to the low homeostatic capacity rate in their organizations and functioning. At the same time, one of the priority propaedeutic tasks of the article is to explore the notion, peculiarities and significance of the healthy (normal) homeostasis of legal system and its components, including fundamental identification of advantages from achieving normal homeostatic state.

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