Viktor Kotolupov

New in system biology, system medicine and system pharmacy


Dear Colleagues,

I just read the digest of your article “Collective behavior in cancer cell populations” in BioEssays vol.31 published by WILEY Periodicals, Inc.

I am glad that your vision and some of your approaches to the problem of cancer are similar to what I have been advocating during last ten years. I am also delighted to see your reference to my publications. However, I have noticed that in your papers you do not  mention any general biological laws (e.g. in a description of organizational function of living systems). I am confident that ignoring such laws might lead to partially incomplete and eventually incorrect description of the self-organizing systems. Upon my mind, using these biological laws may indeed be very important for several directions of your research, in particular, those which are devoted to deep understanding of the mechanisms of cancer. For better understanding of the article you referred to I attach a brief summary of main results reported in the paper (at the end of this Letter). In this summary I tried to draw your attention to our arguments about correct description of both nature and origin of the cancer  and cells mutation mechanism. I admit that there might be some difficulties in reading and understanding of our paper. The main reason for that is that some results containing concrete suggestions for applying of this knowledge still remain unpublished.

I am pleased to mention that for more than 10 years I and my group are successfully dealing with modeling of several incurable deceases. Besides, we succeeded to translate the biological law and generalize these laws for description of several social juridic systems. I am glad to see that these topics are also interesting to you and your research group. What is really we did not succeed yet, is to increase a commercial impact of our research. Indeed, it create many obstacles for efficient work which delays the progress and development. As you know, non of research can be efficient without financial ingredient which is detrimental for the success. I would be glad to offer you and your group my expertise, in particular in development of biological laws which might be a good ground for joint collaboration. As you may see it, my group is working on cutting edge of modeling of several deceases, in particular, cancer, by using biological laws. In particular, one of the main research directions of my group is to build some equivalent of a periodic table (Mendeleev’s periodic table) in application to description of biological and social/legal systems.

With my best regards,
Viktor Kotolupov

I would also like to draw your attention to our recent work “Cells in the system of multicellular organism from positions of non-linear dynamics” on application of general biological laws to psyche.