Viktor Kotolupov

New in system biology, system medicine and system pharmacy

The stable and productive practise made it possible that we, as researchers, created the new method and scientific theory.


Our knowledge and experience have allowed us to supplement the list of well-known biological principles, i.e. the principles of self-organization of all living systems, in such a way that now we can work out new definitions of many incurable diseases on the basis of understanding their causes and mechanisms, and new ways of treating the patients both with the use of existing medication with minimal side effects as well as new drugs.

The use of these new principles is indispensable in the systems approach in the fields of biology and medicine. It may be confidently said that the principles of functioning of living systems are written in their DNA while their implementation depends on some additional factors (see the definition of the psyche). We think this is our new, modest contribution to the knowledge of the blueprint of DNA. Such an approach allows us to look at various problems in the fields of biology, medicine, and pharmacology from the points of view of many (all) fundamental sciences and avoid their mutual contradictions. In private clinics and pharmaceutical companies, the use of this approach would allow for the increasing of effectiveness, profits, and competitive capacity already in the phase of theoretical substantiation of their advantages over the competitors for customers. On the country level, it would be possible to decrease public health expenses and at the same time increase the efficiency of the medical care, and thus providing an advantage over other countries.

At the end of 2010, our first paper on cancer in regards to causes and mechanisms of the cell mutation will be published. In the near future (2 or 3 years) we plan to write papers on Alzheimer’s disease and mechanisms of addictions from the point of view of the systems biology and medicine.